Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cebu City: The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak

Few days back, My Purple Spoon went to Cebu City to meet a VIP. After about 4 hours of land trip from Dumaguete City, I arrived at Cebu City with a growling stomach. Upon setting foot in the Queen City of the South, we proceeded to Ayala to grab some lunch. We strolled around Ayala Terraces and searched for a place to eat and we spotted The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak at the second level of Ayala Terraces.

As soon as we entered The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, we were greeted by the friendly staff and a waiter led us to our table. The waiter briefly explained to us how their ordering system works. We were given an order sheet and we marked our orders. After, we flipped their STOP/MOOOOVE sign then the waiter approached us and got the order slip. You may also flip the STOP/MOOOOVE sign if you want to call the waiter’s attention. Pretty cool, eh? :-)

Also, you can spot individual exhausts on top of every table so that you won't smell like steak smoke when you get out of the restaurant. The hot plates are also guarded with paper around it so you wouldn't have to worry about the food spurting to your clothes or skin. 

First, we got a sharing order of French Fries to nibble while waiting for our main course because we were really starving already. The fries had gravy on top and it was served hot. It was okay, but if we weren't really hungry at that time, we could've lived without the fries.

We were still half-way through the fries when our main course was served. The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak has a fast service and that is really a good thing for us because we were really excited to eat our pepper steaks

For myself, I had their best-seller, the Beef Pepper Rice priced at Php 165. The thinly-sliced beef are served raw on the hot plate, and so you have to turn it to the other side if you don't want to burn the other side and leave the other side raw. This is also seasoned with pepper, corn, butter, onions, etc. which makes it more tasty. Also, sauces are available if you wish to add some more flavor to your pepper rice. You are suppose to mix everything with the rice before you can enjoy your Sizzlin' Pepper Steak.

We also ordered Chicken Pepper Rice priced at Php 165. This dish is basically the same with the Beef Pepper Rice, minus the beef and plus the chicken and more onions and bell peppers. 

We also got the Oyako Pepper Rice. It has chicken cubes with egg and some spices but in this case, we can barely see the chicken cubes because it was covered with the egg. But as soon as you mix it with the rice,  you'll see the generous amount of chicken cubes it has. 

The VIP, the reason why I was in Cebu at that time, was in the mood for some pasta so the VIP ordered their Pasta Parmigiana. A palm-size cut of Chicken Parmigiana sits on the bed of pasta, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

My first time to eat at The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak was indeed a fun dining experience for me. It gave my stomach a full treat and my palate, as well! I am looking forward to visit The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak next time!

The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak
2nd level, Ayala Terraces 
Cebu City

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Gay said...

Looks good!

BaconTunaMelt said...

I'm not a fan of Sizzling Pepper Steak nomz but I'm quickly becoming a fan of your blog. Good read!

Hannah said...

P165 lang for beef pepper steak? wow, cheap ah. it's my fave... when I'm super gutom I crave for pepper steak talaga

dlysen said...

Nice photography, nakakagutom talaga and look very presentable. I hope to visit that place if ever I'm going back to Cebu again.

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

@Gay: It does! Yayyy. :)

@BaconTunaMelt: Wow, thank you so much! It really means a lot to me. ;)

@Hannah: Yes, only P165. Sulit na sulit talaga!

@Dylsen: Thank you thank you! :) It's good to know na effective din pala yung pictures ko. Lol.

Chyng said...

I agree! May aliw factorang Sizzling Pepper Steak! Careful lang, because it;s really hot! Ü

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak said...

Hi Kai, glad to know you and your friends had a wonderful experience at our store! Hope you dont mind that we featured your blog in our Facebook page. :)

Again, thanks for the review!

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Chyng: True that! May aliw factor talaga. :)

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak: Wow, thanks for the feature! Yayyy;)

Madz said...

BF and I love SPS! Kahit minsan napapaso ko dila ko, I don't care. :P

Anonymous said...

tnx kai.., im one of the crew of sizzlin pepper steak n cebu and we guarantee u a 100% certified sizzlin hot ang e serve nmin at lalong pinasarap nmin kysa ibang restaurant sa ayala teraces.. visit us again in cebu..,by d wy im mar..,d server..

Ed said...

good for you, you were able able to eat. here. after 7 years in Cebu, wala pa ko kaagi diri. haha

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