Saturday, May 07, 2011

How To Go To Bacolod City From Dumaguete City

Some of you have been asking me details about how to get to Bacolod City from Dumaguete City. I'm not a travel blogger and this blog of mine is a food blog; however, it's good to make some exceptions every now and then, right? *wink* So yeah, here's a short entry about how to get to Bacolod City from Dumaguete City

Although both cities are located on the same island, Dumaguete is in the oriental part of Negros, while Bacolod is in the occidental part. If you take a private car with you, it may take you about 4 hours or so to get to Bacolod City from Dumaguete City, via Mabinay. There's also another route and that is via Don Salvador Benedicto, however, the travelling time is a bit longer. 

If you're not in a hurry and if you're up for some roadtrip, I suggest you take the Don Salvador Benedicto route because compared to the Mabinay route, you can see a lot more scenic views in DSB. There's even an electro-magnetic field there! Yeah, just like the one in the movie "Here Comes The Bride".

Anyway, in our case, we took the via Mabinay route on our latest trip to Bacolod City because we had to be in the City of Smiles before 9AM since we had to meet up with our friends that were flying in from Cebu City.

From McDo Dumaguete, we took a trike to the Ceres Terminal at around 3AM. We made sure to take the aircon bus to Bacolod City because we wanted to be comfortable in the 6-hour land trip. Not all of the trips are air-conditioned so it's best if you ask for the schedule for air-con buses to Bacolod City. 

The fare was Php 310 and the bus seats were comfortable enough to make it through the whole 6 hours of bus ride from Dumaguete City to Bacolod City. :-)

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