Thursday, June 16, 2011

From the Kitchen of Mel's Cafe

Lara, Leyk and I happen to discover this not-so-new restaurant in Dumaguete City. Mel's Cafe is located at the 2nd floor of the UTH building along Sta. Catalina street. I really don't know why the whole name of the restaurant is "From the Kitchen of Mel's Cafe". Too long to remember, IMHO. Mel's Cafe could've been okay or Kitchen of Mel. HAHA. But let's put that issue aside (because it's really none of my business hehe) and let me show you what this small (but terrible) cafe has to offer. :)

Upon entering the cafe, we were greeted by their friendly staff and were handed menus right away. The whole place looks cozy and the colors around are fun to the eyes. Books, magazines, and even dodecaminos are available for customers to use (without charge) while waiting for the food. I like how they designed their place. It just feels so home-y

Mel's Cafe's menu stretches from sandwiches, to pastas, to rice meals. We kinda had a hard time choosing what to order because, considering how cheap the prices were, we wanted to order and try out almost everything! We then finally had our orders which the waitress gladly took. We read brochures and played dodecamino while waiting for our food. It didn't take a long time and our orders came out from the kitchen and were served to us. Plus points for fast service! Yay! :)

Linguine in red sauce priced at Php 55. A fusion of traditional Asian red sauce mixture of herbs and ground pork with tomato sauce, giving that tangy and umami taste. The pasta was al dente.

Roast Beef Sandwich priced at Php 70. There's actually a lot of stuff going on between those sandwiches. There's tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and of course, the very juicy roast beef flakes. This whole sandwich can be a complete meal-in-1 already. You can never go wrong. :)

Coffee Chops priced at Php 90. Yes, you read that right - COFFEE chops! It's basically just your ordinary porkchop, but with a hint of coffee, which makes it extraordinary already. Haha:) Surprisingly, it does smell and taste good! This is probably the most brilliant invention from The Kitchen of Mel's Cafe. :)

We also had Chili Cheese Sticks priced at Php 55. Well these sticks aren't your ordinary cheese sticks because there is actually a whole piece of chili inside the cheese stick which bursts into your mouth as you take a bite. For hot and spicy lovers, this is definitely a bite-size goodie you'd love to nibble. The Chili Cheese Sticks went well with the mayo dip! :)

We had a great time at Mel's Cafe and that wouldn't be our first and last visit, for sure! :)

You may visit their Facebook page here.

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Yedy said...

Wow, interesting! I'll make sure to visit that resto when I'm in Dumaguete :)

Ed said...

wow. i should try this when I visit Dumaguete one of these days! sarap and sulit :D

peachkins said...

the food there looks delicious, specially the coffee chops. I might make my own version..

Chyng said...

aaww, i have to admit I will be cancelling a trip for the first time. too bad it's Dumaguete bound pa naman, this june 26 supposedly.

i need to getover my fear in airports. as you know I have a very traumatic experience last May..

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Yedy: Yeah, you should check it out. :)

Ed: Super sulit gyud ed!

peachkins: Wow! Lemme know how it'd turn out. :)

Chyng: Sayang naman Chyng. Pero pag matuloy ka dito sa ibang araw, please let me know. :) Hehe. Hoping to meet you in person soon!

Adora's Box said...

Wow! It is a bit shocking to see prices in pesos. And the food looks so good. I think we have been short changed for far too long here in the UK.

nadine buenafe said...

where is it really located? coz i would like to check the place. thanks :)

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Nadine: UTH buiding, right across Gift's Fashion. :)

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