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Dinner @ Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck

Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck in Dumaguete City, or simply Hayahay, is probably one of the must-go places when you're in the City of Gentle People. Personally, this is the best place to chill and booze up with good live music. Hayahay’s variety of food stretches from pizzas, to local dishes, to fresh sea-foods. As a matter of fact, they do have a tank where you can actually choose your fresh fishes, crabs, lobsters, oysters, etc. and have it cooked straight to their kitchen.

Last night, my friends and I had dinner at Hayahay. Well it was a first for us since we never had dinner at Hayahay until last night because we always see Hayahay as our booze place and not as a place where we’d have a decent dinner. Lol.

For starters, we had Italian Pizza priced at Php 245. It had lots of bell peppers, black olives, mushrooms, onions, etc. The crust was thin and crisp. It was okay, nothing really spectacular about it. Hayahay's pizza prices ranges from Php 200-300, depending on the flavor (sizes are the same).

We also had Sizzling Sisig priced at Php 120. This has been a regular pulutan for us everytime we have a few bottles in Hayahay and I didn't expect that they would order this for dinner. My friends really like their Sisig, but I find it a bit dry, but I like the fact that it didn't have too much pork fat. We were seated at Hayahay's viewdeck, and when this sizzling dish was served to us, it wasn't literally sizzling anymore.

I don't know but my friends and I probably have this thing for sizzling dishes. We also ordered Sizzling Porkchop priced at Php 150. It also has strips of carrots and string beans, with *errrrr, how do you say this* diluted gravy. It was a-okay too.

Again, I told you, we have this thing for sizzling dishes. Lol. So we also had their Sizzling Spicy Squid priced at Php 210 (Php 60 for 100 grams). It had chopped onions and tomatoes. The squid was undoubtedly fresh and it wasn't gooey at all. Well it was tasty but I expected something more. Something like Enting's Sizzling Squid. But nonetheless, Hayahay's Sizzling Spicy Squid was good.

As I've mentioned, Hayahay is known for their fresh sea-foods, specially their Talabas or Oysters. So we also ordered Baked Talaba/Oyster for Php 160 (10 pcs). It was really tasty and I loved how they put just the right amount of cheese. In some restaurants, they tend to cover everything with cheese and you couldn't feel the Oyster anymore. But in Hayahay, it was just right to have that creamy cheesy taste with a garlicky hint.

For the drinks, I had their fresh Watermelon Shake priced at Php 50. They included the watermelon's seeds when they blended the shake, hence the sand-like particles. Maybe they were too lazy to remove the seeds before blending the fruit, or maybe that's actually part of their recipe. Hehe:-) But it was good. Not too sweet, just right, for my taste.

My friend had their Fresh Buko priced at Php 40. Well, it was just simply a buko. LOL.

When in Dumaguete, never miss visiting Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck. It's really a nice place to chill and listen to some live local bands. Their beer ranges from Php 40-80. They also have cocktail drinks and mixed drinks that come in pitchers. :)

Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck
Flores Avenue, Piapi Beach
Dumaguete City, Philippines, 6200

Visit Hayahay's Facebook page :)

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Ed said...

Hayahay! no other word could best describe the place but "Hayahay!" I miss this place!

jeniffer said...

sayang naman, wala nyan sa manila.. sana may branch sila din dun.. so the nextime, I will go and visit...

Badet said...

Natakam ako sa talaba!

Rascat said...

hmmmmmmmmmm yammy Oyster!! so nice ! i wish i can go there too!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hmmmmm....i miss dumaguete already. i miss Hayahay..will definitely go back, SOON! <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Mugundhan said...

Nice guide! thank you!/I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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