Thursday, April 21, 2011

MyPurpleSpoon Goes to Bacolod: Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel

Few days ago, my friends and I went to the City of Smiles, Bacolod City, to visit our Ilonggo friends and to, of course, welcome the summer season. We left Dumaguete City at 3:30AM and arrived the Bacolod at around 8 in the morning. What a pretty long ride, huh? As soon as we arrived Bacolod, we headed directly to A's house and left our stuff there, then we proceeded to Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel to have lunch.

The Carribean Waterpark and Resotel is located at the Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Bacolod City. When you're in Bacolod and you wish to visit the resort, just tell the taxi driver to bring you to Carribean. If the driver is not familiar (which, I think, is quite impossible since this is a well-known place in Bacolod), just say it's in Goldenfield and I'm sure the driver will take you there.

Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel has three pools and an outdoor jacuzzi. They also have two big water slides to add more adventure and excitement. There are also complimentary picnic tables and chairs for the guests to use; however, if you want a more comfortable shelter, they also have nipa huts for rent. Guests can also spend the night in this place for they also have air-conditioned rooms for rent. Carribean also have function halls for parties and get-togethers. And of course, they also have a fully air-conditioned pirate chamber inspired restaurant which is open 24 hours a day. 

Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel's entrance fee is I think Php 120-150. I'm not quite sure since our friend, whose family manages the resort's restaurant, only smuggled us in. Lol. :)

Pirate chamber inspired restaurant
So what did we have for lunch? Well first of all, it was an honor that our friend himself cooked for us. I know that he's a great chef but it was my first time to finally taste his dishes.

We were served one of the best Back Ribs I've ever tasted. Yes, the taste was even better than Mooon's back ribs, well at least for me. The meat was tender and the 'sauce' was really, really yummy.

Another dish served was the Skewered Satay with Peanut Sauce. I'm really not into dishes with peanuts or peanut sauce but this was definitely an exception. I was honestly blown away by the succulent taste of this skewers, I think I finished 8 sticks! Hahaha. :-)

And that's the star of my meal - Sisig! Caribbean's Sisig actually reminded me of Gimmick's Sisig, only that Carribean's Sisig had lots of garlic chips, which I really loved. I'm a big lover of sisigs but it's not at all times that I love sisigs not in sizzling plates, but this one's just the BOMB!

With friends (Chef Paolo in white)
So when you're in Bacolod, try to visit the Caribbean Waterpark and Resotel and take a dip in their pool. And of course, don't leave this place without trying their really delicious dishes at the resort's restaurant. Note: You may also request for Chef Paolo who's as equally delicious as the dishes to personally cook for you. *wink*

Carribean Waterpark and Resotel
Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Bacolod City
Telephone No. 709-6059, 433-6683, 435-2643

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