Friday, January 21, 2011

Plant-based Meal

Few days ago, I was invited to attend a talk about plant-based food. I thought to give it a go since, for 2011, I wish to shed some pounds off. The talk was given by Pastor Bing (who is on a plant-based diet for 15 years now) of Bread Of Life and boy did I learn a lot! Apparently, people who eat animal meat are more prone to get illnesses like cancer, heart disease, etc. than those people who go for plant-based diet. Yiiiiikes!

After the very informative and inspiring talk, we were served plant-based food. At first, I was like “WTH is this?”, but as soon as I munched on the salad, I was like “This is sooo FTW!” 

The Main Course. Sauteed tofu with garlic and tomatoes. The dish on the other container is la-ing. There's also vegetable lumpia, and of course, brown rice. Everything is really scrumptious, especially the tofu.
I also learned that we can actually substitute animal meat with tofu or seitan (wheat gluten). If you get the right recipes for it, then I bet you can't even notice that there's no animal meat in the dish! As a matter of fact, I've been doing some research on recipes for plant-based food and they're actually not that hard to do. ;-)

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