Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cafe Laguna - Dumaguete City

Few days back, I had lunch at Cafe Laguna. It is known that Cafe Laguna started in Cebu during the early 1990s and it's only in 2010 that they branched out here in Dumaguete City. Cafe Laguna in Dumaguete City is situated right beside Hotel Nicanor and there's really a big sign outside the restaurant so I'm very sure you wouldn't miss it; in case you might want to visit this restaurant.

Cafe Laguna is famous for their Filipino food “with a distinctive taste”. Well in my opinion, it's basically “lutong bahay” kind of a restaurant but maybe a notch higher than the usual “lutong bahay” restaurants because of its classy interiors and, not to mention, great food. 

So anyway, we ordered Kare-kare with Bagoong priced at Php 265. What is eating in a "lutong bahay" kind of a restaurant if you don't try their Kare-kare? It's like going to an ice cream parlor but you don't order ice cream. Am I even making sense here? Lol.

I'm a bit allergic to bagoong but not even my allergies can stop me from eating it. I'm lucky though that I only experience a bit of itchiness around my lips and tongue and it actually fades after a few minutes.

We also had Adobong Kangkong priced at Php 130. This dish is a-ok. Just the usual kangkong with soy sauce, vinegar and some toasted garlic bits. Nothing really great about this dish, that's why I suggest you don't order this one in Cafe Laguna. Although there's a kangkong dish that I suggest you should try: Fried Kangkong. It's basically kangkong leaves dipped in a batter mixture then deep fried. Nothing great about it too but the catch is the sour cream sauce! Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of it since we devoured on it as soon as it arrived in our table.

We also ordered Pancit Canton at Php 175. This one is tasty but personally, I don't like my Pancit Canton with a lot of vegetables. As you can see in the picture above, they serve the Pancit Canton with a generous amount of veggies, which is actually a good thing, but I prefer mine with less veggies.

We also had their in-house specialty, the Laguna Fried Chicken (one-half chicken) priced at Php 180. The chicken was really grease less, which is good, but I find it a bit dry too. Taste wise, it is delicious, but sad to say, there's nothing spectacular about it. This is served with potato strings.

If you wish to try a chicken dish at Cafe Laguna, Dumaguete City, I suggest you try their Chicken Pandan. I heard it's really delicious and I regret not ordering that dish during my latest visit.

We also had Inihaw na Liempo priced at Php 195. This one is really tasty and tender, however, it isn't the best inihaw na liempo I've tasted. Again, it's nothing great.

In my opinion, Cafe Laguna - Dumaguete City is sort of a "high class" lutong-bahay kind of a restaurant. The prices are a bit expensive for the dish - taste wise. Honestly, I can find a 50-peso Inihaw na Baboy that tastes way better than the one in Cafe Laguna. But nonetheless, Cafe Laguna -Dumaguete City is definitely worth a try.

Cafe Laguna - Dumaguete
G/F Hotel Nicanor, San Jose Street, 
Dumaguete City 
Contact #: (035) 421-0808

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Chyng said...

hi Kai!
you had allergies? oks lang yan, daanin sa gamot! =)

so hows the kare-kare, did it pass your standards?

peachkins said...

everything looks amazing!

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Chyng: Nangati dila ko, Chyng. Pero masarap talaga yung Kare-kare nila. Worth it naman dun sa pangangati na dinanas ko. Lol:)

peachkins: Yayyy! Thanks!

Madz said...

Your post made me miss the adobong kangkong our maid makes.

The liempo looks good though, sayang hindi naman pala ganun ka outstanding. Looks can be so deceiving. :|

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Madz: Yep, sayang nga di ganun ka outstanding yung taste nya. Though I admit, hindi naman talaga house specialties nila yung inorder namin. I'm hoping I can go back and try their specialties soon. :)

Nonoy said...

Wow. This is interesting. Where is Cafe Laguna located in Cebu? I shall go there when I get to Cebu and then visit this place in Dumaguete. Galeng!. :-)

Kai of My Purple Spoon said...

Nonoy: Hi! I believe there's Cafe Laguna in Ayala and SM City Cebu. Yeah, you should check it out soon! :)

Nonoy said...

Thanks for the info.:-)

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