Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hanggang Saan Aabot Ang Php100 Mo?

Last weekend, I went to the Sidlakang Negros Village (Negros Oriental's tourism center) to check out the latest happening there. The Sidlakang Negros Village holds different activities every now and then for the people of Negros Oriental and for the tourists and visitors as well. So anyway, I found out that it was the opening of "ABRILGANA", a 3-day bazaar, held at the said tourism center. There was a driveway sale - from brand new stuff to ukay-ukays - and everything was so freakin' cheap! There were also different food stalls around where you can grab a bite while strolling around Sidlakang Negros Village.

Out of mere curiosity, I wondered how far my Php 100 would go. Whether it'd be enough for me to make myself full or just enough for a bite or two. ;) So I challenged myself and went from one food stall to another to buy food with only a hundred bucks budget.

I first spotted the Tempura stall. They were selling "street food" Tempura (made out of flour and some flavoring)  at Php 3.00 per piece. I initially ordered two sticks/pieces only because I only wanted to try it out, but after I dipped my first Tempura to their awesome sauce, I found myself ordering for more! :) What's nice about this stall is that they have 5 levels of sauces. Level 1 being the sweet sauce to level 5 being the hot and spicy sauce. The higher the level, the spicier and hotter the sauce is. And I tell you, level 5 sauce is indeed a challenge even to those who loves spicy food!

I also found a food stall which sells kakanin like bud-bud (suman), biko, etc. I bought a slice of Biko for Php 10.00. Not bad at all! The biko was not too sweet - just right for my taste. 

I also found a Tocino/Barbeque stall near the stage and I heard this lady talking about how delish the isaw (chicken intestines) was. So I bought 4 sticks of Isaw for myself priced at Php 4.00 per stick. True enough, the isaw tasted yummy and not to mention, "clean". The sauce was kick ass!

Right beside the Isaw stall was another barbeque stall. I bought 2 sticks of  Batikulon (chicken gizzard) priced at Php 6.00 and 2 sticks of Tungol (stomach) at Php 6.00 too. The marinade was also tasty and the sauce was yummy! Oh, I just love street food! :)

And the best buy for that night was the Hungarian Sausage priced at Php 45.00. This took almost half of my budget but I didn't regret buying this one at all! The grilled sausage was really big and delicious and I loved how it had some spicy taste too! I opted mine without the bun and had it topped with mayo and grated cheese! Awesomeness! 

Tempura 4 pcs        @   Php 3 Php 12
Biko 1 slice        @   Php 10 Php 10
Isaw 4 sticks     @   Php 4 Php 16
Batikulon (gizzard) 2 sticks     @   Php 6 Php 12
Tungol (stomach) 2 sticks     @   Php 6 Php 12
Hunagarian Sausage 1 sausage   @   Php 45 Php 45
TOTAL   Php 107

I spent a little over my budget but I tell you, I had a great time trying out the different foods sold at the Sidlakang Negros Village. I was sooo full that I had to skip dinner that night! My Php 107 was well spent!

'Til the next 100-peso challenge! : )

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peachkins said...

ang sarap..mahilig din ako sa mga street food!

Robbie said...

Holy cow! I would've spent all my money sa Street Tempura and Isaw!!! I wish they had sometihng like this here in Manila.

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