Monday, June 20, 2011

The Best Macaroni Bites at Dessert Factory

Last May 28, 2011, I attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2011. Summer was ending already and so CBC2011 was also a great excuse to go to Cebu City before I wrap-up my favorite season. One of the restaurants I visited during that *illegal trip* I had in Cebu early this year was Dessert Factory. It was Leyk and Jeyco who brought me to Dessert Factory during my first visit and I swore to myself that I will really go back the next time I set foot in Cebu again. Dessert Factory is located at the 3rd level of Ayala Terraces. 

I know that Dessert Factory is actually known for their desserts, but ironically, I fell inlove with their appetizer called "Macaroni Bites". And oh yes, it's not even a dessert. :)

Macaroni Bites priced at Php 150. Baked Macaroni with meaty tomato sauce cut into bite-sized morsels then breaded & deep-fried. These delicious bites are also served with cheese dip.

You may have this delight for snacks or appetizer, whichever you prefer. Could also be for mid-night snacks, lunch, dinner, breakfast, whatever. LOL. I can have Dessert Factory's Macaroni Bites for all the meals of my remaining life and I know I will never get tired of it. Haha. :)

Another dish we tried was the Smoked Chops priced at Php 170. Texas smoked pork chops served with a spicy a BBQ sauce. The taste of the chops kinda reminded me of that chinese ham my abuela buys for our Noche Buena, only that these chops are smoked and excessively oily. Nothing really fantastic about this dish.

So the next time you visit Dessert Factory, don't miss out on ordering the Macaroni Bites! Yayyy! :)

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Robbie said...

Waaaaaaaah! Then I'll make sure to here next time I visit Cebu and try those Macaroni Bites! <3

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