Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Birthday Celebration at Mamia's Restaurant

We celebrated Leyk's birthday at Mamia's Restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Mamia's Restaurant is considered to be one of the 'high-class' restaurants of Dumaguete, because... I really don't know (parang head and shoulders commercial lang)! No but seriously, the prices aren't that expensive and there's nothing bizarre with their food actually and the SERVICE is... My gehd, the service! Well perhaps it's their location? (Mamia's Restaurant is situated along the famous Rizal Boulevard of Dumaguete City)

Since it was a birthday celebration, of course, we had to order a dish for 'long life'. Above is their version of Spaghetti Putanesca priced at Php 148 and below is Spaghetti Carbonara priced at Php 148, too. Both are a-okay.

Aside from the SOP pangpahaba ng buhay, we also had Caesar's Salad priced at Php 98. I love how they put a generous amount of bacon bits on the salad. I'm a big lover of bacons, so yay for me! But for the health conscious people, you might want to put aside all the bacon bits and give it to me. Mahaha! :)

Our individual food took a long time to be prepared so it was a good thing we ordered an appetizer and asked the waiter to serve it first. For starters, we had Calamari with Aoili Dip priced at Php 168. Their menu says that it is "deep-fried squid rings served with mayo-garlic dip". They forgot to state that almost half of the whole plate are onion rings and NOT squid rings.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, at last, our main courses were served already. :) Chicken Cordon Bleu priced at Php 178. Breaded chicken breast stuffed with bacon and carots then topped with cheese sauce.

Lengua ala Costa Brava priced at Php 188. Braised ox tongue in white wine, tomato sauce, olives, chorizo and mushroom. This one was good and the ox tripe was very tender, in fairness.

Barbecued Back Ribs priced at Php 178. The usual grilled pork ribs brushed with their very own barbecue sauce. The meat was tender too.

Roast Pork with Prune and Apple Stuffing priced at Php 188. Stuffed roasted pork, served with mashed potato. If I remember correctly, this dish is supposedly served with rice pilaf, however, you may opt other choices available. Well, IMHO, I didn't like this dish as much maybe because there was just a lot of flavors going on inside my mouth. 

Pork Tournedos priced at Php 178. Pork tenderloin rolled in bacon served with gravy. We were a bit puzzled why it was called "tournEdos" and how to pronounce it. Haha:) I told you I'm a big lover of bacons so upon seeing this on the menu, I instantly ordered this sizzling dish. The meat was tender and the taste was okay. This dish is one of Mamia's classic dishes. 

However, a few days after Leyk's birthday celebration in Mamia's, I attended another birthday celebration there and I ordered the same thing. Apparently, the pork medallions were way smaller than the ones in the photo above. /sad

After partaking our main course, we had dessert! :) Mamia's Restaurant also has a cafe right beside and they serve coffees, cakes, snacks, etc. My favorite is their Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake! For me, it's basically heaven topped with blueberry!

I forgot what this one is exactly called but it's with mocha or coffee something chorvaness.

And of course, we never missed out on ordering their Frozen Cappucino priced at Php 78. This dessert is actually their best-seller. It's a coffee ice cream with chocolate bits, a hint of Kahlua on a choco crust topped with some local chocolate bar (i.e. cloud 9 or big bang HAHA) This is absolutely a perfect meal-ender. :)

Some friends have been telling me about how slow and bad Mamia's Restaurant's service is. During Leyk's birthday celebration there, we didn't experience any major-major bad experience incident there. Well except for some glitches like the dish isn't available and that strand of hair we saw in their Chicken Cordon Bleu. And in all fairness to them, they gladly replaced the dish with another one. However, during my next visit (only few days after), that was the time when I saw and experienced what my friends have been telling me about. 

They didn't have enough menus and so we waited for the other table to finish ordering so we can 'borrow' the menus from them. They lacked waiters and servers. SOME servers were not very friendly. Some of the dishes we ordered arrived very very late already. We waited for about 20 minutes for the bill. 

The second visit was a not-so-good experience for us but for me, it was good that I was able to experience the 'good' and the 'bad' side of Mamia's Restaurant because I had a reference in comparing both visits. 

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Anonymous said...

Cafe Mamia, IMHO, is overrated. The service there was the worst I've ever had, compared to the lot of other restaurants in the city. It was... disappointing. Your review though definitely is not. :)

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