Thursday, January 06, 2011

Korean Food at Fish153

Fish153 is a Korean restaurant located near Silliman University. The whole place is divided into two – the restaurant and a grocery store; and it is owned by a Korean family who now resides in Dumaguete City. At first glance of the place from the outside, you wouldn’t really have high expectations with their food because the place looks simple. But wait until you get inside and taste the yumminess of their dishes!

I have gone to Fish153 for about six times already with Dondi, who is a big fan of anything Korean and the one who introduced me to this place. Korean food, as they say, is an “acquired taste” kind of food. Most people who are not used to eat these kinds of dishes usually don’t like the food during the first bite, but eventually, you will learn to love it when you eat more of it.

As for me, the only Korean dish I was trained to eat was Kimchi, and that is also the only Korean food I knew ‘til I discovered Fish153. Kimchi is made of cabbage, daikon, radish, or cucumber, usually fermented in chili pepper and other spices. There is a wide variety of Kimchi and Koreans usually have this as their side dish or mixed with their soups.

Since I already have that “acquired taste” for Kimchi, my favorite dish at Fish153 is no less than their Kimchi Fried Rice. Their serving is big enough to make you really full!
Kimchi Fried Rice topped with egg - Php 100
Don't be fooled with this picture. The serving is really big. ;-)

As what Dondi said, among all the Korean restaurants he has dined at, Fish153 is definitely in the top list because they serve really authentic Korean dishes. The price range is also reasonable enough, especially for people who wish to experience Korean cuisine but are in a tight budget. And did I mention they serve you six (6) different side dishes for FREE and UNLIMITED? There, I just did. :-)

Unlimited free side dish! What more can you ask for? :-)
4 Mini Gimbap - Php 80 (Php 20/serve)
Jjajang-myun - Php 150
Korean Curry Rice - Php 100

With around Php100-200, you can never go wrong with Fish153's Korean dishes. This is already the best deal for affordable authentic Korean food in Dumaguete City! :-)

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Anonymous said...

you may also want to try Cafe Evada's Korean Dishes :) -cousin ni Kim og Kyle...hehe

Anonymous said...

paaaak ako naang special mention! follow me on twitter @dondizm

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