Friday, January 07, 2011

KRI Restaurant

For a food enthusiast like me, only two things matter when it comes to restaurants. First is, of course, good food and second is fast service. The ambiance isn’t really an issue for me but if the ambiance is amazing, then that could be a bonus. In this case, I found a restaurant here in Dumaguete City that packages these three features!

KRI Restaurant is located at 53rd Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete City, just right across the Silliman Portal West building. Though they opened few months ago, it took me a long time to visit this restaurant because of my busy schedule during school days and on weekends, KRI Restaurant is also closed during Sundays. So when I got the chance and time, I checked KRI Restaurant right away.

The place is big enough for about 10-12 tables, not too big, just right if you don't want a crowded restaurant. The interior is also beautiful and everything is just right to set the mood. KRI Restaurant has a couple of entrees on their menu and I admit, I had a hard time thinking what to order. Everything just sounds sooo yummy! And take note, KRI Restaurant offers healthier options (NO MSG) by using only canola oil. :-)

Kri Salad with Tamarind Soy Vinaigrette - Php 75
This one's kick-ass! I really love the vinaigrette!
Potato Wedges (topped with sourcream and bacon bits) - Php 75
I love how they fried the wedges to perfection. It's kinda crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. And the sourcream is really tasty. It goes well with the wedges!
Negrense Fried Rice (Mixed with chopped chorizo, pork belly and the works.
Topped with sunnyside up) - Php 88
This dish reminded me of my Tito who used to cook fried rice and mix some left-overs to add more flavor. This one's tasty too, but nothing really great.
KRI Chicken Wings (3pcs) - Php 92
This one's my favorite among all. It's their version of buffalo wings. The spiciness is just right!
Barbecued Short Ribs - Php 99
The meat is very tender, you can separate the meat from the bones even if you don't use a knife. This one's really delicious too!

As what you have noticed, everything we ordered is below 100bucks and that’s because everything KRI Restaurant serves is below Php 100. Yeah, nothing over it. But unlike most restaurants here in Dumaguete City, KRI doesn’t include the 12% VAT on their menu (FYI). But still, with the food, the fast service, and the ambiance, you really do get the value of your money at KRI Restaurant! :-)

For reservations, you may call them at (035) 421-2392. They are open from 10:30AM - 10:00PM.

Visit KRI Restaurant's Facebook page HERE!

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Angel said...

I love Kri! Dumaguete is just full of so many great places to eat. It's a foodie's dream to be there ^_^

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