Sunday, February 06, 2011

Affordable Chinese Food @ Mandarin Tea Garden

Mandarin Tea Garden is located at the al Fresco area of Robinson's Place Dumaguete. This dimsum fastfood opened their franchise late last year and it was an instant boom to all the chinese food lovers in the city, considering also that Mandarin Tea Garden is one of the very few dimsum fastfoods around. With Mandarin Tea Garden’s very affordable dishes, I wouldn't wonder why this fastfood is loved by people from all walks of life.

Being a dimsum lover myself, I keep coming back to this dimsum restaurant just because! Lol. I mean c'mon, your Php 100-150 can go a long way already and that fact is very ideal to those dimsum lovers who are in budget, especially the students. 

Fried Rice (Php 25)
Their fried rice reminds me of Chowking's chaofan, only this one is way better. *wink*
Note: This is a big serving. Enough to make you really full.
Shark Fin Dumplings (Php 58)

Quail Egg Siomai (Php 54)
Shrimp Dumplings (Php 62)
Century Egg (Php 26)
Fried Shark Fins (Php 55)
This one is good but I just think the banana ketchup didn't go well with the dimsum.
Taosi Chicken Feet (Php 56)
Fried Ravioli (Php 55)
One of my favorites!
Chopsuey Rice (Php 78)
Beef Brisket Rice (Php 78)
Steamed Scallop Rice (Php 82)
Another MUST TRY!
Four Seasons Shake (Php 48)

Mandarin Tea Garden 
Robinson's Place Dumaguete
Al fresco Area
You may also check out Mandarin Tea Garden's Facebook page :)

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Anonymous said...

hi, you might like to know Mandarin is an old restaurant in Davao City, my hometown... I am so glad they have branches now in Cebu (SM) and Dumaguete :) and the food tastes just like i remembered it!...

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