Monday, February 07, 2011

Dinner @ La Residencia Almar: Don Atilano

Last night, my family and I had dinner at Don Atilano. This exquisite restaurant is situated along the Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City. It is actually right inside the La Residencia Almar hotel, so you wouldn’t really miss it. Just this year, Don Atilano (and La Residencia Almar) did a major renovation with their place and I must say, it’s more cozy now. I like how they re-designed their interiors and everything else, especially the non-smoking area. But okay, enough of that matter. Let’s talk with the nomnom language now.  :-)

Don Atilano is actually one of the most popular dining places for the young professionals and the upper middle class of Dumaguete City. Though this restaurant is a bit pricey for a small city like Dumaguete, this restaurant is still a big hit because it has been catering to a clientele that demands the best quality.

First, they served us complimentary Lentil Soup and toasted bread with butter. I actually liked the creamy Lentil Soup at first taste. It really went well with the bread, which had a hint of garlicky taste.

For appetizer, I had Potato Wedges with Cheese and Chorizo (Php 165). The Potato wedges were laced with Parmesan Cheese and topped with Spanish Chorizo. The taste was kind of blunt. I couldn’t even taste the Parmesan. I should have ordered Gambas for appetizer instead, because I heard Don Atilano's Gambas is good. Well maybe on my next visit. I suggest you don’t order this one because it’s nothing really great.

We also had Don Atilano’s version of Callos (Php 195) in rich and delicious tomato sauce. This one is really tasty, but I still personally think that Habhaban’s Callos (entry soon to come) is still the best Callos I’ve ever tasted.

The next dish that came in was the Pasta Puttanesca served with two slices of french bread with herby butter spread. I am really a lover of Puttanseca so I instantly loved this one. The pasta was cooked al dente and I loved how they topped the pasta with anchovy flakes. Don Atilano’s Pasta Puttanesca is definitely a must try!

For the main course, we had Country Fried Chicken (Php 220). This dish is served golden brown on a native woven basket. With 5-6 pieces of medium-sized cuts of chicken, this is also served with potato wedges. This was a big hit to my little cousins.

We also had Don Atilano's famous Baby Back Ribs (Php 265), served with barbecue (sauce) rice and buttered vegetables. These stacks of ribs were grilled to perfection with a special barbeque sauce. I suggest you try this one, though I've tasted more succulent Baby Back Ribs on other restaurants.

To top it off, I had Mango Crepe for dessert. This has always been my favorite dessert at Don Atilano because this one is really, really nomnom. The sweetness is just right, considering that the crepe is actually floating in crème. This is also a must-try!

Don Atilano has a very wide choices of dishes on their menu. From lutong pinoy, to steaks, to Japanese food, to Spanish cuisine, they have it. They pride their selves with serving  an array of gastronomic specialties from all over the world with a touch of local color, giving the customers a decade of fine food and of course, excellent service.

That was one heck of a meal, indeed!  :-)

Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City
For reservations, you may call (035) 225-7100 or 422-0888

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Katherine said...

I wanna try the country fried chicken, look sooo crispy yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

When you dine in Don Atilano, you must order their steaks! They're the best in town. Another must-try is their beef salpicao... really yummy! And don't forget their kapeng barako (this should go well with your mango crepe)...surely die-hard coffee lovers would love their brewed coffee.

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